Useful Links

ACA Skill Level Assessments: the American Canoe Association (ACA) Skills Level Assessments describe paddling compentency. The assessments help paddlers develop a clear progression of classes and training needed to advance safely through this fun and challenging sport. a great forum of how-to articles and videos, new and used gear, product reviews, and paddling community discussions.

Kayaking Expert Skills Center: this site is maintained by Atlantic Kayak Tours, Inc., one of the largest paddle sport companies on the east coast. The Expert Center is a wealth of information, covering topics from boat repair, safety and various strokes. Check it out!

Outfitting Cockpits for a Better Fit: you need to “wear” your kayak for good boat control. This article explains how to outfit your boat for comfort and performance.

Cold Water Boot Camp USA: cold water is certainly refreshing on a hot day, but it can also lead to hypothermia, which can kill. This video provides an excellent discussion of cold water effects and why, as paddlers, we must dress for water temperature and not air temperature.

OOPS Learning Resources – the Oregon Ocean Paddling Society has assembled an exhaustive collection of learning resources on its website. Especially useful for new paddlers, there are great articles and videos that will start you off right. Thank you, OOPS!

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