Common Questions

Contact us with any questions. Don’t hesitate about sending us a message with a question and/or request. Send emails to, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. You can also contact the ENC Board by clicking here. Here are some common questions people have asked in the past.

What level of experience do I need have to participate? We offer a variety of club-sponsored paddles, ranging from beginner to more experienced. Places we paddle range from flat-water to surf zone — from lagoons, sloughs, rivers, and ocean. Group paddles are a great way to meet the paddling community and to advance your skills.

How do I sign up for one of your paddles? ENC requires an RSVP to attend. There is a link to a form per event that you submit. Depending on your membership or non-membership status, there will either be a $0, $10, or $15 fee that goes towards insurance. Visit our Club Paddles page to get a full description on how to participate.

I’m new to paddling — how do you suggest I get started with gaining more skills?  We encourage new paddlers to take a few basic kayaking skills classes to get off on the right start. These classes focus on proper paddling techniques (strokes and maneuvers) and, most importantly, safety (e.g., getting yourself and/or your partner back into their boat if a capsize occurs). Basic kayaking instruction can be obtained through various local sources, including our club. Guided trips and/or classes are a good way of developing basic skills or deciding whether kayaking is the sport for you. Club paddles are a great way to advance your skills. We encourage new members to attend our club sponsored flat-water paddles on the lagoons and bay, because these are the calmest outings where we can work with you, if you need help developing skills.

Is there any financial assistance available for joining or learning more about paddling? We want to encourage paddling safety and skills building and offer grants. if financial logistics are preventing you from joining, taking a course to build skills, participating in an event, ENC may be able to provide some financial assistance for paddling instruction through grants. Email us to learn more about ENC grants.

Do I need to have a boat and all the gear? In general participants will need to bring a boat and appropriate gear for the paddle. If you do not have the equipment, there are several places where you can rent a kayak, paddle, and supporting gear. There may be a possibility of borrowing gear — you can contact the paddle host of the event in advance and to find out. The paddle host may have extra gear that you can borrow or they may be able to inquire around to see if other members have extra equipment to share.