Paddle Host

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Day before the event

  • Receive current RSVP checklist of participants received from the Paddle Host Coordinator (list indicate how many to expect, who still needs to sign a waiver, and who needs to pay fees).
  • Download and print out a few paper copies of ACA waivers, ENC applications; have some ENC brochures on hand

Day of event

  • Review Trip Leader Checklist as a model for guidance
  • Check all who is attending
  • Collect fees
    • ENC event only member $10
    • ENC/ACA member free
    • Guest (non-ENC member) $15
    • Guest (non-ENC, but an ACA member) $5
    • Note: Bob & Maryann Morse, Marcia & Simeon Tauber do not need to pay a fee

After the event (send as soon as possible)

  • Fill out ACA Event Report (can cut and paste from the RSVP list):
    • Please name .xls file using a “Date_EventName” format — for example, “20150616_Trinidad”.
    • ACA Number if applicable (for new ACA members who haven’t received their member number yet enter “1” for the number)
    • Name (First, Last) of attendees
    • Indicate with an “1” if participants are ACA Member or Non-ACA member in appropriate column
    • Complete the bottom of the trip report.
    • Total amount enclosed should automatically be filled in at the bottom.
  • Email the ACA Event Report to the Paddle Host Coordinator (they will send it onward to ACA). Include details in your note about if there are any paper waiver signed and how many in fees were collected.
  • Collect all paper waivers and other forms and fees if any and a description of what you’re mailing and mail to: ENC, PO Box 4712, Arcata, CA 95518.

Documents / Forms

  • ACA Event Report (Excel) — a spreadsheet-styled report to be completed and submitted after a club event.
  • ENC Membership Application (PDF) — used to join or renew membership to Explore North Coast.
  • Adult Waiver (PDF) — ACA Liability Release form for an adult.
  • Minor Waiver (PDF) — ACA Liability Release form for a child.
  • ACA Incident/Accident Report (WORD) — hopefully, this form will not be needed, but it’s here just in case.

Checklists / Guidelines

  • Host Trip Leader Checklist (PDF) — a check list for leading a club event.
  • ACA Risk Management (PDF) — ACA’s requirements for conducting safe paddling events. Many topics covered are very applicable to hosting a club paddle.